What must I do to get started on the demo?

Submit the required information under “Free 30-Day Demo”.  Another page will direct you on how to install our most recent Internet version. 

Will filling out this form obligate me in anyway?

No.  When you submit your information, it generates as an email back to our main office.  We then enter your information into our client database to activate you and assign a password.  

Can I receive any back data on prices I may need?

As a demo, you will be allowed access to five (5) business days of back prices from the date you begin the demo.  As an active client, you will have access to back data 24 hours a day.  Normal charges will apply to any back data received as a client.

If I choose to signup as a client after 30 days, what are the costs of your program?

There will be a $150 one-time setup fee and a $60 monthly charge (includes the first 1,000 prices monthly) that will be billed automatically to your credit card.  The charge for prices over and above the 1,000 that are included will be as follows:

to    1,000
Included in minimum
to  10,000
to  50,000
to 118,000
No additional charge

How can I verify that my billing is correct?

There is a “history” option under “utilities” in our program that allows you to see exactly how many prices you download at a specific time and date.  There is also a “calculate” option that allows you to put in the date ranges for the monthly charges to verify your numbers with your charges.

Additional Questions?
248/642-6741 (fax)



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